Friday, December 28, 2007


Today is the Fourth Day of Christmas - and the first day for My Blog - GrandBob's Garden.

How did I come up with that name? Well, one of my grandkids quite a while back got confused when the neighbors and relatives sometimes called me Bob, and they called me Grandpa. So to

end the confusion and make sure he was right, one of the boys started calling me GrandBob. I kind of liked it and it stuck for quite some time. Now they just call me Grandpa. Which is OK too.

But I kind of miss GrandBob so I decided to name my Blog "GrandBob's Garden" Hope you like it. I do!

One of the things I like to do is make things. Sometimes with gardening, you get opportunities to do just that. Now I'm getting into gardening in bottles. You know where you take a 2 leader plastic bottle, cut it across the middle or so abouts and invert the top part (without the cap) and put it (neck first) down into the bottom half of the bottle. You then pour water into the bottom.

put a light mixture of nutrient type material into the top part (this should be predampened I assume) and put a well started plant of appropriate size in it. You can build a simple rack to keep these upright. Now, each plant has its own water (and fertilizer) source. And will grow beautifully - I hear. I can't wait to try it this spring. Think of the space you could save. Think of the water that doesn't go to waste watering the rest of a garden plot. And if the weather turns bad, you just move the whole lot into the garage, basement, etc. until the tornado all clear sounds or the hail and strong winds stop.

We here in Kansas live in "tornado alley" and see more than a little of this every spring and fall. Were only about 80 miles from where the Infamous "Greenburg Tornado" took out the whole town just a few months ago. Besides the destruction, injuries and one death in the town. Every tree was broken and stripped of foliage. Only a few houses survived. From the air all you could see was a town smashed to smithereens. No mainstreet was left. Every church in this small town was completely destroyed. Only the ever present 2o story high Wheat Elevator alongside the railroad and front lawns and gardens survived - those that were not covered by broken home materials and smashed cars and trucks that is. I hope to go to Greensburg this spring and see how our plant friends have faired.

An interesting point. Greensburg hopes to recover and many of the people there see a chance to make the little town a "Green" town. Even movie stars are getting into the act to help get things started though I haven't seen much about it lately. Brad Pitt comes to mind. Hopefully, I will be able to document some of the recovery of Greensburg and its Horticultural development in the next few years. Stay tooned for pictures!