Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi Folks! Hope you like my new Masthead Photo. I just finished getting all these Tomato Trellis' planted. I have 18 Tomato plants going now. I designed these trellisis about 10 years ago and most of them are original. I did have to re-stain them with a good outdoor Redwood Oil Stain. I had to replace 5 or 6 legs and a few slats. Not bad for 10 years of use and setting outside in all seasons and weather!  I wanted something that would be practical to trellis tomatoes but would still look attractive. I don't think a Vegetable Garden needs to look Ugly. In fact grow one on you front lawn. If you have the fortitude!

You will also see that each tomato sits in a wooden box. That is a different story and this year is the second year I have planted tomatoes this way. The experiment was a great success last year. I have figured out a combination of Tomato Trellis, Box, Soil Mix in what seems to be a great new system of growing tomatoes.
My tomatoes are Sailing through the Great Heat this year. Today the temperature hit 112F and I couldn't even see any wilt.

I am thinking of selling the plans and the growing methods of the whole thing for $10. What do you think Folks? Let me know if there is any interest. It will entail a lot of work putting everything together and I hope to have everything on a disk by Christmas time. E-mail me soon if you are interested in such a set-up.
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