Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Bad is Monsanto? Mother Earth News Article

Monsanto is constantly adding new food plants to its ensemble of “Roundup Ready” varieties that resist herbicide damage, and Dow has soybeans that survive being sprayed with 2-4D. That’s my planet, my water we’re talking about. There is so much Bt corn pollen out there that no garden is safe from it, and rotting residue from Bt plants is messing with the life cycles of stream-dwelling insects. With Monsanto and other companies polluting the world with genetically modified pollen and plants, Bayer killing off honeybees with imidicloprid, and Dow turning horse manure into killer compost, maybe we should worry about big Corporations. A lot.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Revenge of the Chili Peppers

I run across this British Video which graphically illustrates why Chili Peppers are so Hot for people and yet not hot at all for Birds. Watch this fun vidio

I recently had experience with drying Chili Peppers. Unfortunately, while handling a few for the seeds, I failed to use protective gloves on my hands. My hands are almost healed up from the leasons caused by the hot juice from these peppers. And all the skin has almost been completely renewed. (After 4 uncomfortable months) At the time of the article, I was already feeling the discomfort - but I didn't realize how long it would take to heal the tiny cuts that would appear overnight on my hands. I learned later that I could have use some vegetable oil on my hands according to some people to protect my hands. I'll know better next time. Look for the article "How to Dry Peppers" right on this blog. And Please wear protective gloves. The "Dollar Stores" have them for about $1 per package of 3 pair of throw-a-ways.