Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tomato Cages Don't Have to be Ugly

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Some people have been wandering what my Tomato Cages look like when the plants are more mature. Well, take a look. I call them Tomato Derricks (tm) because they look like Oil Derricks Without the Christmas Tree lights! They do a wonderful job of supporting my tomatoes. I developed these myself over a three year period of testing and revising. I hated the looks of fence wire cages, Upside Down Wire thingys, and tomatoes left to sprawl all around - many rotting on the ground. These not only look good, but will last several years with care - Some of mine are over 10 years old!  You will find that they do a wonderful job of protecting the tomato plants and beautifying your garden too. Each comes with 2 ground stakes that I've seen keep the Tomato Derricks (TM) secure in near hurricane force winds.

A lot of people would like to have these in their garden and "How-To plans for personal use are Available . If you would like to build them for resale, Please contact me.  The design of the Tomato Derricks (TM) and the plans as well are copyrighted.      Home use (built for your garden) plans are only $12 Postpaid.. We use PayPal for your Safe Ordering.  We never give your name to anyone else.  

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow! My Tomato Patch is Finally Finished!

Lets see. Today is July 8. I finally got my last tomato plant in my Tomato Patch. If it takes 80 days to get a mature tomato, I should be able to pick my first ripe tomato about [insert DrumRoll here] Tuesday of September 25! Our first real freeze is generally right on time - Halloween - October 31. I don't usually raise "Determinate" tomatoes but that's what their going to be this year. They have about 30 days to Make it or Bust! As I placed my last tomato today. I could hear the rumbling. The rains started in April and as you know, they hardly stopped in the Central MidWest states. I did manage to get two "back-up" tomato plants in fairly early and they have a few small tomatoes started. And the days are turning hot - tomatoes don't like to set in hot weather once the nights reach close to 80 degrees. But tonight is 71 degrees. Perfect night temperature (when they set on)for tomato plants. A cold-front has moved in and a line of storms reach from down in the Baja area of Mexico stretch across the midwest all the way up into Minnesota. And it raining again.