Thursday, June 12, 2008


Okay, so the baby bunnies are still eating my
flowers ... I bought and planted 1/2 pound of clover seeds
in the lawn to distract them ... $8.00
... and waited patiently for the clover to germinate -
as my husband raised an eyebrow and the baby bunnies
continued munching my flowers.

So I went to the pet store and bought a bale of timothy hay and
gourmet rabbit food to distract them ...$27.00
... and while my husband shook his head in dismay,
the bunnies joyfully added my new bunny buffet
to their favorite flower diet.

So I went to the nursery and bought yarrow, asters,
coreopsis, and lamb's ear ... $42.00
... because these were on the internet
list of rabbit proof plants.
My husband was less than amused-
but the baby bunnies were delighted!

The bunnies love me now, (my husband is questionable),
and as they sidled up to me in the garden last week; I noticed
that they were covered in nasty ticks. So I went back to the
pet store and purchased flea and tick spray
made just for rabbits ... $12.99.
And they sat contentedly eating my rose bushes as
I sprayed each bunny one by one ...
I didn't tell my husband.

Today, they hopped happily into my bee balm,
(another so- called "rabbit-proof" plant)...
but they are tick-free!

Rabbit supplies ... $89.99
Marital status ... shaky
Peace of mind ... priceless

Gracefully Contributed by Susi Gifford
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