Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wow! My Tomato Patch is Finally Finished!

Lets see. Today is July 8. I finally got my last tomato plant in my Tomato Patch. If it takes 80 days to get a mature tomato, I should be able to pick my first ripe tomato about [insert DrumRoll here] Tuesday of September 25! Our first real freeze is generally right on time - Halloween - October 31. I don't usually raise "Determinate" tomatoes but that's what their going to be this year. They have about 30 days to Make it or Bust! As I placed my last tomato today. I could hear the rumbling. The rains started in April and as you know, they hardly stopped in the Central MidWest states. I did manage to get two "back-up" tomato plants in fairly early and they have a few small tomatoes started. And the days are turning hot - tomatoes don't like to set in hot weather once the nights reach close to 80 degrees. But tonight is 71 degrees. Perfect night temperature (when they set on)for tomato plants. A cold-front has moved in and a line of storms reach from down in the Baja area of Mexico stretch across the midwest all the way up into Minnesota. And it raining again.
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