Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi Folks!

As you can see the seedlings are needing to be transplanted out of the shoebox and into the 3oz Dixie Cups I recently purchased from Dollar General. In just a few days, some have grown to 4 inches. Most have put on their true leaves, and the Dicotyledons will soon be dropping of. From here on out, the little tomato plants will be getting most of their nourishment through their roots. I want to assure you that the only light up to this point is from a 40 watt light in my clip-on desk lamp. After transplanting the seedlings to the Dixie cups, I will begin to give them cooler temperatures (40 to 50 degrees) to help slow down their growth: The're two months early for Zone 6a. Can I keep them alive and viable until set-out time in the spring? Lets hope so. Stay tuned.

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