Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homemade Dill Pickles

As you probably noticed, the new banner picture at the top is dedicated to Home Canning. It's going on Fast and Furious here. Especially Dill and Bread and Butter Pickles.
The Butter Pickles are the ones with the fancy red peppers and spices in the picture.
Rather than reinvent the wheel, I found this great article by Bobbi Rightmyer in the Kansas City Examiner. Including an easy to follow recipe. Here is the link.


If the link doesn't cooperate, just Copy and Paste the above address into your Browser and enter.

My daughter, who is a neophite at gardening convinced me that there is a certain cucumber that is a "Pickling Cucumber" as apposed to the ones you cool in the fridge, cut and chomp on! She planted "Bush Pickling Cucumbers" and I planted common old "Straight Eight" Cucumbers. Hers brought in a great big crop of pickles. My cucumbers were just fair to midling. Just goes to show you...

I did notice a difference. The Pickling Cucumber has only a few small seeds toward the center. The Big "Straight Eight" Cucumbers of mine had seeds almost out to the rim of a cross slice. We also noticed last year, they seemed to have a mushy texture when pickled as apposed to the Pickling Cucumber that is smaller on the average and makes a "Crunchy" Pickle.

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