Monday, October 5, 2009

Bobs Journal - Transplant Tedium and Little Green Onions

I can just hear people say, "My Gosh!, How tedious!"

And- "Planting pencil lead sized onions into tiny little holes must be boring!"

And, "I wouldn't have the patience for it." (Translates into, 'This sounds like work...and I'm really lazy....!"

So, Yes and No. It's only tedious if you have something more important to do.  Or you'r  afraid of a tiny bit of work - or you "just don't enjoy that type of thing."

Actually,  transplanting tiny onion sprouts into pencil round holes in the soil, or transplanting tiny tomato or pepper seedlings into pots has a certain rhythm to it.

 You might just find yourself humming along with the flow of that rhythm.  Kind of like a mantra.  Or a continuous prayer - if you feel like communicating with God.

 And noone else has to know if you feel awkward about it.

Perhaps you think I exaggerate but this is the perfect setting for spiritual contemplation - unless, of course,  you "don't have the patience" for it. Artists and Nuns know what I am talking about. If you are a real Gardener, you  know what I mean.  If you haven't tried it - you should.

Some people discover this quality in Gardening all on their own. And they know what a wonderful things it is. It brings down your Blood Pressure without pills. It banishes anxieties.  And even fights depresson if you are so afflicted.

 "Digging in the dirt", setting on your butt, in the fresh dug soil,  transplanting onion sets or tiny tomato plants somehow connects you with infant plants - and life - and maybe the universe too  -  if you think about it.  Take time. Try "tedious transplanting". You might be pleasantly surprised!

GrandBob's Journal
September 5, 2009 - Monday
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