Friday, June 25, 2010

A Potato Plant With "Fruit" on it! What?

I am hoping there is someone out there with more knowledge of growing potatoes than me. My potatoes are mature and the plants are dieing down. They are pretty much ready to dig now. However, on one of the dieing down plants, are 3 tomato shaped, ping-pong sized "Fruits" on it. What are they? Some kind of Potato Seed? I understand tomatoes and potatoes are related. Is this a TomTato?
I am attaching two pictures. The one with the brick gives you the relative size of the "Fruit".
OK. Some potato expert please clue me in. I have about 250 plants. This is the only plant with these on it. Should I call the FBI or the CIA or NSA? Are these Alien Seed Pods?    Dare I get near them....!!!

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