Saturday, December 24, 2011

Building a Hoop-House/Cloche Part 2 of 9

Material List
2 treated 2 X 4 X 8 Ft.  to rip into 4 -  2 X 2's  To build the Frame. If you don't have experience with a table saw, have an neighbor do it for you. Never use a table saw yourself without first getting some minimal training from an expert! They are always dangerous. You could use untreated 2 X 2 X 8 Lumber but it will not last much past one year.

1- 7/8 Inch Dowel. Usually sold only in 3 to 4 Ft. Sticks. About $4.  An old Wooden Broom Stick  or Mop stick would work if you can still find such an animal. Ask your Great Aunt who saves Everything.

1 Roll of 3 Mill Plastic - 10 X 25 Ft. Long - I got mine at Ace Hardware for $13.99.   A friend in Construction may have throw-a-way Clear,  Construction Grade Plastic Sheets for Free. If you happen to have a friend like that consider yourself lucky. They may even have scrap lumber you can have!  You may find cheaper 2 Mil. Plastic at the Dollar Stores - which may get you through the winter - but don't bet on it.
About $4. 6 Mil is Greenhouse Grade - if you can afford it.

4 PVC 3/4 Inch White Water Pipe. Cost about $7 total.  Gray Pipe is  slightly cheaper but can heat in the sun enough to melt holes in your plastic covering where it touches! Be warned.

16 - 3/4 X 45 Degree White Water Pipe Fittings - About $3

Pipe Glue - $2.50 to $3.00 - 4 oz can is sufficient.

Pipe Purple Primer Compound - $2.50 - 4 oz can

56 - 1-1/2 Dry Wall Screws for attaching Batten Slats to Frame and Frame Braces to Frame..

4 - 3 inch Deck Screws to join Frame boards together. Check your Deck...Or "borrow" from your neighbor

12 - Drywall or Coated Screws for attaching Hinge Brackets that you will make.

10 - 1/4 X 1-1/2 x 4 Ft. slats to use as Batten Boards. ( Could use ripped 2X4 slats as I did.)

1 - Pint Bottle of Waterproof Wood Glue. I use TiteBond III. Available at most hardware stores or Lumber Yards. About $4. Fast and Permanent Bond even in wet locations. Holds fast in about an hour under warm day conditions. Sets Permanently within 24 hours.

1 small box of Copper Screen Nails - About $1.50.  Also found in Plastic Window Winterizing Kits. About $1.50. These will be used to help hold the Plastic Sheet to the Frame as you mount it. Later Battens will be more permanently hold the Plastic Sheet Covering of the Cloche firmly to the frame.

3 - 3 Inch Screen/Storm Door Hinges (Common Steel Hinges but not expensive)  to attach Frame to Raised Bed. About $5.00.  Mine come from True Value Hardware - National Hardware Brand in packages of 2 each including screws. Other types seemed to pricey to me. You will have one hinge left over if you put one on each end and one in the middle of the frame. Or just use all 4 hinges for extra strength. These are zinc coated for exterior use.  You might find some Free hinges if you find hinges off an old door. Ask your Brother - or if all else fails, your neighbor again. After all, he will benefit from the Cloche house's extra produce. If he is nice to you.

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