Saturday, December 24, 2011

Making Hoop-House/Cloche -Measuring Cover 8 of 9

Measuring and Cutting the Cover to Size
You will probably start out with a roll of plastic that looks something like this:

This roll is 3 Mil plastic purchased through Ace Hardware. It costs about $15 and is heavy enough to last you through one season - maybe two if your very careful and the weather conditions are not two brutal. Greenhouse recommended thickness is 6 mil. The thicker you get the better it withstands the weather. My first hoop-house was made using 2 mil. that I purchased for $4 at the local Dollar Store. It lasted through the winter till next spring. I had to patch one little tear about 1 inch long in the middle of winter. I will show you how that is done quickly, easily, and expensively and what to use. Without buying an expensive Greenhouse Patch Kit! To Continue:

        Measure the Hoop-House/Cloche from the Bottom of One End to the Bottom of the Other End
Measuring the Cover can be a little daunting but we will take it step- by-step. First we start from one End of the Cloche. we measure off 1 ft (Bottom Roll over piece) + End Height (to the top) + the length (to the other end) + Down the End + Bottom Roll over piece. You will end up with 5 lengths total.

Roll out your plastic Mark each section along the rolled out plastic with a permanent marker as you go. (A mark about 4 to 6 inches long at each section should be plenty which you will use as a guide when you position the finished strip on the Cloche. You will end up with one long rolled out piece of plastic with several sections marked along it's length which looks something like this:


My total length = 192 inches T
Your Hoop-House Cloche might be a little longer, shorter, taller than mine. These measurements are just for illustration although you should allow at least 6 inches on each end (as shown) for roll over and trim. 

When all the sections are marked off on this long strip
  of plastic, Cut the strip off from the left-over plastic.

I have cut a little extra as seen by the marks of one end.
You should have about 9 foot left over from your 25 ft roll if you hoop-house/cloche is simular to mine in length and height. A nice amount of extra material to use as plant covers, etc.if you like.

Lay the length of plastic along one side of the Hoop-House/Cloche. At this point you could probably use
 a helper. Especially if there is even a whisper of wind. We are now ready to cover the hoop-house/cloche.

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