Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Build a Cloche/Hoop-House - Part 4 of 9

Making Dowel Anchors for Cloche Ribs
This part is not as tricky as making the Pipe Ribs for you 
Cloche/Hoop-House. This is the procedure. Start on one end of the Dowel and shape the 2-1/2 end to just fit the pipe you are using. Usually the Dowel will be slightly to big. It needs to be taken down a fraction to fit. This can be quickly done with a Table Saw. Use this method only if your Experienced. The pictures shown here are taken without the Guard for photography purposes. Always us the Blade Guard. Spinning Blades are extremely dangerous without safety guards and practices!

Otherwise, You can shape the pipe ends with a Hand Wood Rasp. After shaping the pipe end,  measure up another 2 inches and Cut the Dowel Anchor off.  Procede to the next Anchor. You will need 8 total Anchors. Here is what the fabrication process of your Anchors looks like:

Dowel Anchor Diagram
No. 1 Photo
This is one way to cut down the
Pipe End of the Dowel Anchor. Or you
could just use a hand wood rasp to work
it down to fit inside the pipe snug but not tight.

No. 2 Photo
No. 3 Photo

You should be able to pull the pipe from the Anchor
with just 2 hands easily. This is not a permanent connection.

Notice how the worked down end of the dowel slides easily 
into the Pipe. Check each finished dowel for pipe fit
 before gluing it into the Frame hole.

No. 3 Photo

Cut off the finished Dowel Anchor
and proceed to the next one. I am using a Saber 
saw here. A Jig saw etc. would also work. Or any
Hand Saw but it takes a little more work!

No. 4 Photo
[Or you Could use a Table Saw]
Another method for shaping the pipe end 
to Fit. The Blade barely touches the wood. The
dowel is gradually turned into the blade at a slight angle. 
Not Recommended for Amateurs. Always
use the Blade Guard on a Table Saw if you
use this method. The Guard is off to facilitate
the photographing of this method.

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