Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Make a Cloche/Hoop-House - Part 7 of 9

Setting the Hinges
The hinges are actually the fasteners that attach the Cloche Wooden Frame to the Raised Bed Frame. You must first attach the blocks - one on top of the other - but not connected. Use the edge of the Frame to give you a level, straight,  line to screw the top 3 blocks to. After attaching these, attach the bottom blocks to the Raised Bed Timbers or Boards directly under the top row of blocks. You will then center the 3 hinges over the 3 sets of blocks and screw them to each block. Be sure they are also In Line with the blocks. Otherwise, the blocks and hinges may bind and not allow the Cloche to hinge open.

Contrary to the Photo, The size of the hinges have been increased from 1-1/2
inches to 3 inches long. The Center Hinge is still in the Center and the 2 Outer
Hinges have been set closer to the ends for better stability. The Stakes, string and Timbers 
to the Left of the picture are part of  another GrandBob's Garden Projects. How to Build 
Raised Beds   from Inexpensive Landscape Timbers. These will be Beds # 4 and #5  for me and are 
the ideal solution to bad soil - clay soil conditions - once and for all! I try to add one or two each year.
The rest of my garden grows (thank you very much) in Small or Large Boxes and set on the Grass!

Here is a Close-Up view of 2 sets of Hinges and Wood Brackets. Notice One half of the bracket
is attached to the Frame. The other half is attached to the Raised Bed Timber. The Hinges themselves Join
the two halves of each Bracket  and allow the whole assembly to open and close easily and help stabilize. 
Also notice how the Wooden Brackets bridge the gap between the dissimilar Timber and Frame side pieces and allow one to install the Hinges on flush mountings. 

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