Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Build a Cloche/Hoop-House - Part 5 of 9

Making the Dowel Anchors

After Measuring of the pipe side of the dowel, Sand or
rasp carefully until it fits into the correct size pipe But
not too snugly. It should pull out easily but no wobble.

Cut the Dowel anchor off of the stock piece of dowel.
Smooth down the rough edges and round the Frame end
slightly at the edges to help ease it in. This will be glued
into the frame hole permanently with waterproof wood Glue.

Glue and drive the peg into the frame using small taps of the
hammer. It should fit snug but not so snug as to break the
peg or split it.

Another view

The Finished Frame Assembly with all 8 Dowel Pipe Anchors Installed

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