Sunday, December 25, 2011

Laying on the Hoop-House/Cloche Cover 9 of 9

Laying on the Cover
At this point you are ready to lay on the plastic and securing it down. But first detach the upper section of each hinge from the Cloche Frame. Do Not detach the lower section of the Hinges from the Raised Bed. this will allow you to attach the plastic to the Frame. Close the hinges over the plastic. And screw the top of the hinges to the frame again going through the plastic. 

Notice that there are 4 thin batten board strips cut to length to fit
between the Hinges in the middle and one for each end. These will be 
used later to secure the plastic in place after it is pulled into place. 

The copper nails are used to quickly tack the plastic to the frame.

Start by pulling the plastic into place. Be sure you have extra plastic on each end. A good way to temporarily hold the plastic from blowing or slipping askew is to use a few large plastic clips found at most hardware and big box stores. They kind of resemble giant plastic clothes pins. Or just have a few friends hold the plastic in place.  Start on the hinged side. leave a few inches extra hanging  and tack every foot or so with a brass nail. Go to the other side, pull the plastic snug but not tight and tack down with brass nails along the full length also.

Procede to each end and tack down leaving a few inches to roll under a couple times before permanently screwing down the batten strips.  

Start the small 1" Dry Wall Screws into the Batten
Boards before screwing them over the rolled plastic ends.

Install the Battons over the tacked down plastic
all the way around the Cloche. 

Trim off the extra plastic. Attach a handle to the open
side of the cloche. Inexpensive metal handles may be
purchased at the Hardware Store. Your finished! 

If you have any questions about building this Cloche, Contact me.

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